The community is the very life blood of the church and Christ Church Oxon acknowledges this. In the next few years, our parish will grow, really quite dramatically. 1200 new houses are expected to be built; about 230 around the old Shelton hospital, which in itself will contain dozens of new apartments, plus many more new houses along the Welshpool road towards the by-pass. Each home will contain an individual or a family that we need to cater for spiritually.

As a group, we endeavour to make Christian worship a really enjoyable occasion for all the family, whether you’re already living in the community, or were regular church goers in your previous parish, or are returning to church after many years away. For you, it may mean new house, new life, new church, new friends.

In the following Community pages, accessed by clicking the small down-arrow in the Community tab above, you’ll find a number of initiatives we hope you’ll find interesting and appealing to all ages. Do take your time and browse through the whole website, not only the Community pages, hopefully there’ll be something for everyone.

When you feel ready to join in, take a note of the service times and come along. Alternatively, contact the vicar via email at   or call on 01743 231 427. You really will be made most welcome and we look forward to meeting you.

It’s really a great community to be a part of.