The costs of running our parish Church, its ministry and maintaining its buildings, is around £65,000 a year, or over £1,250 a week. This is financed in a number of ways, for example, collections at the services, regular giving by Standing Order, legacies and fund-raising activities. We are proud that we have consistently paid our Parish Share [2014, £43,000] to the Diocese, but are not complacent in our fund raising efforts as there is always more to be done. If you pay UK tax, then don’t forget that you can enhance your gift through the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, at no cost to you.

Standing Orders assist with the forecast of income as well as ensuring a degree of continuity of funding. If this is of interest then please consider making a standing order through your bank.  Account details are available by emailing the vicar at

How Legacies make a real difference to the Church

For many years, generous members of the congregation have left gifts to the church, either in their wills or by  single donations. Very often legacies are able to provide the initial funding that will unlock the generosity of others, both from individual donors and also trust-funds.

Over the past year, Oxon Church has spent over £13,500 repairing the roof and redecorating the interior of the Community Hall. Used by over 20 local organisations, the Hall plays a vital role in providing facilities not only for the Church but also for the local community. In the long term, with funding, it is hoped to expand the facilities by providing new toilets, a kitchen and office space; we’re even in discussion about a completely new-building.

Your legacy could make a difference. Find out more about how you can make or revise your will and leave a gift to the Church by speaking with the vicar.

Donate to Oxon Church. By using the PayPal donate button, it’s easy to make a donation to church.

A PayPal account is not needed to make a donation, it can accept credit and debit cards and direct debit instructions. For example, this could be especially useful to congregation members who cannot attend a wedding or Baptism service but would like to make a donation.