Everyday Stuff

We have attempted to answer some of the everyday questions some people have when they are thinking about joining us at our Sunday services. If you have any other concerns or questions then don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail; details on the contact page above.

Q1. What happens at a church service?  

You’ll find that the 0930 Holy Communion service lasts about 60 minutes and gives time for reflection. It follows the pattern of the Book of Common Prayer and Modern traditional  service. You’ll be given a copy of the Service book on arrival  to follow and join in with proceedings. There are readings and prayers and hymns, and an opportunity to take a wafer and wine which represents the body and blood of Christ. Afterwards there’s an opportunity to have a cuppa and a chat in the school hall and once a month there’s a cake stall.

The 11 o’clock service is quite different…………This service uses Modern Language and has a much more flexible pattern of worship. It’s called Morning Praise to reflect this and is similar to a ‘Songs of Praise’ service. Holy Communion is also celebrated at this service on the 2nd Sunday of each month. It is suitable for every age group and ideal for new people to attend.

Q2. Who do I talk to if I have a question?  

Beforehand, you could contact any of the names listed on the ‘Contacts’ page above. On the day, any queries can be answered by any of the duty officials who can be found handing out bibles or church service sheets at the door; there’s never any shortage of free advice available to you. Also, never be afraid to ask the vicar a question, he’s a really warm and friendly guy and very approachable.

Q3. What do I wear?  

Come dressed in what you feel comfortable in. Some members of the congregation wear suits, others jeans and t-shirts, it’s entirely up to you.

Q4. Will I have to do anything or say anything or give anything?

Join in if you wish to but it’s not obligatory; perhaps follow the lead of others until you feel more confident. Any donation you feel able to give will be gratefully received and put to good use in the church and community.

Q5. Do I have to be religious or a Christian to come to church?

No. The parish church exists for everyone. In this sense, it is your church, and there for you. All of us are at different stages of faith and life. Enquirers, people from different church backgrounds or none at all, are all welcome in God’s house.

Q6. I’ve never been Baptised; am I too old at 55?

No you’re not. You can be baptised at any age. The only requirement is that you attend a small number of preparatory discussions with the vicar beforehand.

Q7. Can I come to Holy Communion?

The service of Holy Communion is open to all. We welcome enquirers, visitors, committed Christians, anyone and everyone who may want to attend. Not everyone has to, or wishes to, have a relationship with God though Jesus Christ. The bread and wine are offered to any Christian, who is baptised, confirmed or preparing for confirmation. Also, if you are a visitor and usually receive communion in your own church, you are welcome to receive communion at this service. If you prefer, a prayer of blessing is offered if you don’t, for personal reasons, wish to receive the bread and wine. You are welcome to join in with as much or as little of the service that you feel comfortable with. If you want to know more please speak to a person on duty or the vicar.

Q8. Is Christ Church rich?

No we’re not unfortunately. We can pay our way, thanks to the generosity of the congregation and local businesses but it will always be a challenge to stay in the black and ensure we have sufficient funds available to meet the unexpected. Our contribution to Lichfield Diocese this year is over £43,000; it rises every year. That’s quite a sum to find before we start the Parish work.

Q9. It’s a lifetime since I came to a service, can someone help me?

Of course. If you’re unsure or nervous we can arrange for you to be met at the door and guided through the service. You’ll quickly get the hang of it. When I joined Christ Church, it had been years since I’d been to any church. I contacted the vicar and he was able to arrange for a member of the congregation to meet me on arrival. I found it a great help.

Q10. I’m in a wheelchair, can I get in and out of church?

Most definitely you can! We have a sturdy purpose built ramp for such an event; one push and you’re in – or out! Feel free to come by yourself if you wish, there are plenty of people able to help you.

Q11. I’m hard of hearing, will I be able to hear the service?

Yes; there is a very good ‘Loop’ system throughout the church, so bring your hearing aid with you. There are quite a number of congregation members who have suffered hearing loss and they all say how good the system is.

Q12. Is it cold in church?

We hope not. It costs a fortune to heat such a large space and most of the heat we generate goes straight up and out through the roof. That said, the heating system switches on automatically a couple of hours before each service and provides sufficient warmth to keep the place reasonably comfortable.

Q13. I’m housebound, can I still receive Holy Communion?

Yes you can. We have a small team who give Holy Communion at home and in hospital. For more information, contact Pauline Johnson on 01743 247 068 or email her: welcome@oxonchurch.co.uk