Making a Difference

At Oxon Church we aim to share the love of God in words and actions. This means everyone has the opportunity to make a difference. Each of us is uniquely equipped with gifts, abilities, and experience. These aims are set down in our Mission Statement:

Trusting that Oxon Church is a focus of God’s love, we welcome all to join in prayer, worship and friendship. As Christ’s Body, we aim to listen, to serve the needs of the growing community and to encourage all to use their varied talents.

The Mission Statement elaborates more clearly on particularly the religious aspects of the Church’s existence and role in the community – “to ensure that the Worship at Oxon Church is worthy of God and is appropriate for the changing needs of the congregation and community”.

Every person has talents, skills, and gifts important to the Church and to the community at large. Every time you use these abilities, the Church and the community is strengthened – and you feel a warm glow of achievement. To achieve the aims of the Mission Statement we need to encourage all individuals in the community to share their talents, skills and, importantly, their time – for the development of the Church and of the community.

There are many ways that you can make a difference, be they related to the Church’s religious activities, or the important secular activity of ensuring that there is sufficient income for the Church to develop and support itself and the community surrounding it.

If you have any questions, then please email me at:

Thank you.