The church has a Pastoral Care Team and the members support and visit some people regularly in their own homes or care homes and make hospital visits when needed. If family members are not available to help, parishioners can be accompanied to hospital or medical appointments. Also, time is spent listening to people’s concerns over the telephone, after church, or wherever they meet a team member. Fortunately, others in the congregation, though not on the team, spend time doing this, which is much appreciated.

Different members of the team are involved with baptisms, weddings and Junior Choir Club. It is also a privilege to take Holy Communion to those who are no longer able to get to church, whether they are in their own homes, sheltered accommodation or residential homes and this is always gratefully received.

Essential qualities for team members are listening skills and being able to maintain confidentiality.

Should you wish to become part of this Team or alternatively benefit from the Team’s support, then do please email:


Alison O’Brien has formed a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) called ASHAR (Bringing Hope)  Charity Number 1163732 –  offering individual or group counselling and therapeutic support.

ASHAR is a Christian based organisation.  But their services are open to all.  They offer:

  • One-to-one Counselling
  • A listening ear, space for a chat and a coffee
  • Therapeutic specialist support groups with specific teaching elements dealing with a variety of subjects around physical, spiritual and emotional well-being
  • Professionally run workshops
  • Training courses and therapeutically held courses 
  • Prayer ministry appointments by church referral
  • Specifically designed retreats and small group away days

For more information please contact Alison on 07531391812


Or check the website at