General Functions Of The PCC

(1) It shall be the duty of the minister and the parochial church council to consult together on matters of general concern and importance to the parish.

(2) The functions of parochial church councils shall include—

(a) co-operation with the minister in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical;

(b) the consideration and discussions of matters concerning the Church of England or any other matters of religious or public interest, but not the declaration of the doctrine of the Church on any question;

(c) making known and putting into effect any provision made by the diocesan synod or the deanery synod, but without prejudice to the powers of the council on any particular matter;

(d) giving advice to the diocesan synod and the deanery synod on any matter referred to the council;

(e) raising such matters as the council consider appropriate with the diocesan synod or deanery synod.

(3) In the exercise of its functions the parochial church council shall take into consideration any expression of opinion by any parochial church meeting.

Council to be a body corporate.

Every council shall be a body corporate by the name of the parochial church council of the parish for which it is appointed and shall have perpetual succession.

Any act of the council may be signified by an instrument executed pursuant to a resolution of the council and under the hands or if an instrument under seal is required under the hands and seals of the chairman presiding and two other members of the council present at the meeting at which such resolution is passed.

Extract taken from: “Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956″

Christchurch Shelton With Oxon

Christchurch was built in 1853-5. The district the parish of Oxon now covers was part of St. Chad’s parish before the year 1855, It was then a District Chapelry was formed for Shelton and Oxon. The church is a fine example of the Early English Gothic revival for its period.

In 1883 the Organ Transept was added south of the choir making for a more romantic cluster of gables. The stone used thoughout is ‘Cardeston’ for the main construction and ‘Grinshill’ for dressing. The Reredos is of ‘French Caen’ stone.

At about the period Oxon parish was formed three other adjacent parishes of St George (1836), Bicton (1853) and Betton Strange (1860) were also formed.

The two senior lay officers of the parish are the Churchwardens. In days gone by the custom was for one to be appointed by the incumbent – hence the distinction of The Vicar’s Warden’s staff bearing a Bishop’s Mitre.

The People’s Warden’s staff bears a Crown. Both were of equal standing but nowadays both are appointed by the Parochial Church Council at the annual meeting.

The staffs are, when not in use, lodged on the Church Wardens’ pews on the north and south of the Nave aisle along with the Verger’s Wand.

PCC Members: 2019 – 2020

Neil Harris - Churchwarden Tel: 01743 357174

Vicar - Vacant At Present

Alyson Bradney - Churchwarden Tel: 01743 850429

Sue Winwood Honorary Secretary Email:

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