Are you considering a christening for yourself or your children? Again, we’d love to talk more. Our church is a place where children and young people are welcome every week, and we love helping parents think through what baptism, and being part of God’s family, is all about. It’s not all about young people, however, we do have congregation members who, as adults, have been baptised. If this is of interest to you or your friends and family then contact our Coordinators who’ll be only too happy to help and advise.
The Baptism Coordinators are Sheila Astbury – 01743 364 650 and Jan Webber – 01743 860 152

E-mail for both is:

While the vicar has a fair degree of latitude, there are a number of important rules and regulations that must be followed when planning a church wedding. To see whether it is possible for you to get married at Oxon Church, and for more guidance, please contact a member of our wedding team by email or phone any of the team members :

  • Sue Seales on 01743 232543
  • Ann Hartley on 01743 243 097
  • Jenny Onions on 01743 359 392

For more ideas, the Church of England has a new website containing some good advice on your special day; do have a look by simply clicking here.

For your reception, we have strong links to Rowton Castle, a magnificent and magical local venue which we are happy to recommend. For a link to Rowton Castle click here.

Choice of Music. To give you a few ideas for music for your special day, try the following link to Classic FM, click here.

Finally costs, click here for the latest fees: Parish Fees 2017  Costs have risen again by about 1%. Most of it is self-explanatory, but for an explanation of the details, call either Sue or Ann.

Death is the only guaranteed certainty about life. It is something that can happen when you are young or old; it can be expected or sudden; it can be a tragedy or a release. Nobody knows for certain what happens when you die, but Christians believe that God’s love and power extend over all creation. Every life, including our own, is precious to God.

Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life, and that there is new life in Christ over death. Even those who share such faith find that there is a real sense of loss at the death of a loved one. We will each have had our own experiences of their life and death, with different memories and different feelings of love, grief and respect.

The funeral service is an occasion to express our faith and our feelings as we say farewell, to acknowledge our loss and our sorrow, and to reflect on our own mortality. Oxon church offers funeral services as a way of providing support and consolation to those who mourn.

For help, guidance and support, please phone the vicar, Rev David O’Brien on 01743 231427 or email at